props & scenery

sculpture | mouldmaking and casting

Bespoke prop making & sculpted scenic pieces for TV & film, theatre, opera & ballet productions.
Mouldmaking and casting. Work in polyurethane resins, soft and hard foams, silicone, polystyrene, Jesmonite, epoxy and GRP.

Experience producing various trick props/working with SFX - ie :

  • Smashable windows, bottles & crockery for Outlander
  • Soft props of various kinds (including many weapons) for Outlander
  • A soft crown of thorns for "Neds" (film; director Peter Mullan, 2009) - made as exact replica of real spiky crown of thorns, but worn by actor/used in a fight scene & made in safe materials
  • A "magic" rose for "Beauty & the Beast" (SECC 2008) which had to drop its petals on cue throughout the performance. (Now available for hire - email for details)
  • A sword mould for “Siegfried” (Scottish Opera 2002) which had to be dropped every performance & break open instantly to reveal a sword blade
  • A mask for “Pinocchio” (2006) which needed quickly exchangeable noses (a magnet system proved the solution)