props & scenery / Outlander

Starz TV/Sony Pictures (TV series) 2013 - 2019

Designer Jon Gary Steele

Brought in initially for season 1 to sculpt the standing stones, which have been used in many episodes and every title sequence; and the lanterns held by stone dancers, as seen in title sequence; then many other items including two "stone" crests, various signs, stone cross, crucifix, 18th century puppet theatre set etc.

Props for Season 2 included three giant crowns for the Versailles scenes (Airex, epoxy resin etc) and the shell shaped basin for Star Chamber.

Season 3 props included the sign for Jamie's printshop; & crest carved in Styrofoam. (Printshop sign designed by Jon Gary Steele and Brendan Hessle). I led the propmaking team all season; and for each season thereafter.

Season 4 props included the cairn circle (built with the assistance of Andrea Porteous and others); a wild bees' hive, breakaway glass and crockery; many knives & muskets; tobacco leaves; coverups; various signs; fake birch bark baskets, oil lamps, gourds & "terracotta" pots for native villages.

Season 5, including smashable, unbreakable and rubber glass windows; other breakaway props, softs & weapons; Claire's mould experiments; fake indigo blocks; microscope slides; signs for 18th century shops, corn plants; rotation cast "sugar "fruit.